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It is not always easy to know who to turn to or where to go for reliable information about matters medical. If you have been diagnosed with a condition and are looking for support or to research it further our health and wellbeing pages are the perfect place to start. You will be able to find out about the range of resources available in your library to assist you, along with links to websites that you can trust.

Our pages should not be seen as a replacement for seeking medical assistance when you require it. In Grampian there are a range of services available to help you get the right medical assistance when you are ill, injured or living with a long term condition. Visit  Know Who To Turn To to find out more on the range of services available and how to access them.

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Behind the Headlines


Health stories cover our newspapers and media and it is not always obvious where the truth lies...  Behind the Headlines is a blog on NHSinform providing unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories.   

  Health Events in Libraries


We host workshops and talks on a variety of health and wellbeing topics throughout the year. Details of these can be viewed on the Library Events page. We work with a range of partners and welcome suggestions for events.

Community Health Spot

Falls Prevention Resources   

Falls are not an inevitable part of growing older, many can be prevented! If youfalls prevention have had a fall even if you don't think you have hurt yourself you should take a visit to see your GP. If you've stopped doing things in fear of falling again, there are many things that can be done to prevent this. For example:

  • Using a walking aid or getting a different one.
  • Improving your strength and balance by joining an exercise class, remaining active.
  • And most importantly, seeking medical advice!

You'll find a dedicated collection of information resources to support falls prevention at Kincorth Library. The following online applications have also been recommended:

Falls Assistant

Fall Check



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