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Europe Direct Aberdeen are part of an information network of around 500 Europe Direct Information Centres run by the European Commission together with local stakeholders.  Based at Aberdeen Central Library we are here to direct you to EU information and EU services you require.


We offer a number of services including: 

  • Information about the European Union's policies, programmes and institutions in a variety of formats.  
  • Copies of publications, brochures and guides to take away
  • Internet access to EU websites
  • Range of EU resources for teachers and groups
  • Advice regarding EU Funding routes. We can also assist in th info e search for partners in other EU countries through our network.
  • Advice on your EU citizens rights 
  • EU Facts and Figures
  • Help to contact your MEPs and other EU officials. 
  • EU Roadshow (bringing our service to you upon request)


We also:

  • Hold and run a number of events throughout the year on a variety of topics. Visit our  Upcoming Events page for more information.
  • Produce various EDIC Aberdeen Publications including a bi-monthly e-newsletter, booklets and videos



Europe Direct Contact Centre

If you are unable to contact us or you are based outside our area contact the Europe Direct Contact Centre via phone, email or webchat who will be able to assist you. You will also find the details of the other EDICs in the UK and across Europe on their website.


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