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Selections of the Month

Welcome to Selections of the Month; where we display historic photographs and advertisements as chosen by members of the Local Studies Team. Reflecting on a different topic each month, these pages will explore the social, economic and recreational history of our City and our collections.

This is an opportunity to highlight our photographic archive and the variety of sources such as trade directories, holiday guides and newspaper supplements which often contain richly produced and illustrated adverts. Previous Selections of the Month pages are available to view using the link at the bottom of this page.

The Silver City with the Golden Sands

For the summer months we will be taking a trip down memory lane all the way to the beach!! So sit back, roll up your trousers and join us for a paddle in history as we look at life on the beach in days gone by...

silver_city_1953 sunbathing

Enjoying the warm summer sun down at the beach. This image shows a relatively busy sea front with the Beach Ballroom in the background. Note the changing booths to the left where people could get undressed in privacy before heading out to the icy waters.

Codona 1971

This is an early advert for Codona's amusements from 1971 detailing some of the highlights including dodgem cars, helter skelter and waltzers.


At the turn of the century, a horse and cart "wagonette" was put on to take those who could afford it down to the beach without having to do the walk. This wagonette is picking up passengers from the Castlegate. Note the envious children looking on as the finely-dressed lady is helped into the carriage.


These children are mixing their paddling with getting a better view of the waiting boat. Note the steam ships in the distance - the harbour of Victorian Aberdeen would have been every bit as busy as now - if not even more so with huge numbers of people coming in and out of the port each day.

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