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Want to avoid overdues? - Check out Library Elf

Be notified by email or RSS feed when items borrowed from the library are due for return, or when an item you've reserved is ready for collection

Library Elf is a free on-line service which:

  • notifies you by email or RSS feed when items you've borrowed from the library are due back soon – you can specify how many days in advance of the due date you'd like to be told
  • lets you know immediately the items you've borrowed become overdue – you can choose to be reminded daily until you take them back
  • tells you when an item you have requested from the library is ready for you to collect

You can also add other library cards – your childrens' for example - to your Library Elf account, so that you can easily see when all the family's library items are due for return.

When you go to the Library Elf website you just need to click on 'Sign up' to create an account. You'll need to specify your email address, a password, and your library card number and PIN. When asked to select the library you're a member of, you'll find Aberdeen City Libraries in a long list, along with other UK libraries.

Please Note
Library Elf makes its money from on-line links to booksellers. The site promises not to take any personal information from your library account other than your card number and library PIN, both of which are encrypted on their server. It also undertakes not to sell on your email address, and not to retain any information about what books you have borrowed.

Library Elf has no connection with Aberdeen City Council, including Aberdeen City Libraries, or our library management system supplier and so we cannot guarantee the security or operation of this service, which our customers use at their own discretion. As a safeguard, it is as always advisable not to make your library PIN the same as your bank PIN.

Any overdue charges arising from any failure on the part of the Library Elf service to notify library users of library materials becoming due are the library members' responsibility.

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