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There's a new EU Commission in town

Juncker The new EU Commission structure under President-elect Juncker has been unveiled. The new structure aims to deliver change and has been streamlined to focus on tackling the big political challenges Europe is facing including employment and stabilising the banks and the economy. Jean-Claude Juncker who was elected by your vote in the European Parliament Elections has personally interviewed all the Commissioners-designate and is confident in the team's ability to work to put Europe back on the path to jobs and growth. He has taken great care in assigning the different portfolios balancing gender and political allegiences to achieve a what is hoped to be a balanced political structure. On his Facebook page he states that he has taken the European Parliament Elections slogan "This time it's different" to heart and is dedicated to making this commission different. They will do less but what they do do will be focused and more effective.  

Some Key Facts about the New Commission

  • There are 7 Vice Presidents in the the new structure.
  • 1/3 of the new Commission (9/28) including the President-elect, campaigned in this year's European elections.
  • Juncker insisted upon female candidates for his Commission. there are 9 female and 19 male Members of the Juncker Commission and 3 of the 7 Vice-Presidents are women.
  • The VPs will steer and co-ordinate the work of a number of different groups of Commissioners. The composition of these groups are flexible to the needs of projects and changing priorities. This should help to breakdown silos and move away from static structures of old.
  • The new Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union portfolio will be under the British Commissioner-designate, Lord Jonathan Hill.

The dedicated Toward the Juncker Commission webpages have a wealth of information relating to the new commission and how it has been formed including diagrams of the new structure and also information about each of the 10 priorities

Hoovering up the facts

A number of UK newspapers have been causing hype over the EU banning powerful vacuums. However there is no ban on vacuums that suck powerfully. The new EU rules address cleaners that are not energy efficient. The rules have requirements for performance for example in picking up dust and the amount escaping from the cleaner. So they are designed to improve the consumer experience. Find out more ...

A Taste of Europe

Mark the date in your diaries and come and see us on the 26th of September to learn some phrases in different European languages while you sample some European food ... EU Day of Languages












Euro Talk Aberdeen Newsletter

The latest Euro Talk Aberdeen Newsletter is available to view below.  If you have any suggestions for future editions or would like to be added to the distribution list then please contact


Euro Talk Aberdeen Issue 25 Jul/Aug 2014

Our latest publication

The Great War impacted on all walks of life in Europe from 1914 to 1918 and beyond. As part of the centenary commemorations ourselves and the Local Studies Department of Aberdeen City Libraries have worked collaboratively to compile this booklet which aims to capture the shared experience of war in Aberdeen, Regensburg, Clermont-Ferrand and Gomel. Copies are available to pick up at the EDIC and an electronic version can be viewed below.

The Impact of the Great War on Aberdeen and Its Twin Cities

Eurodesk UK


This month we are featuring Eurodesk UK, a free information service on European work, study, travel and volunteering opportunities. Whether you plan on backpacking, moving to another country to work, study or volunteer they can provide local information ahead of your visit. For more information click on their logo.  

Juncker confirmed as European Commission President

On the 15th of July the European Parliament in a Juncker plenary session voted in the Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President by a 422 vote majority. He will take up his post on the 1st of November 2014. Before he was voted in he set out his major priorities for the Commission, find out more ...

How Juncker was elected  

  • The president of the European Council consulted with the European Parliament on a possible candidate for the presidency of the Commission. This process took into account the results of the European elections.
  • The president European Council then proposed a candidate to the European Council.
  • The European Council voted on whether to propose this candidate. A qualified majority voted for Juncker to be the proposed candidate.
  • European Parliament voted on whether to accept the European Council's proposed candidate. Juncker required 376 votes in order to become Commission President for the next five year term.

 Picture:  European Union, 2014  

A Safer Internet for You

Our latest publication from Safer Internet Day earlier in the year is now available to pick up from the EDIC and your local libraries. Or you can view it online here;

Safer Internet Day; Making the Internet a Better Place



As a concrete response to the first successful citizen's initiative Right2Water, the European Commission has launched a public consultation into the quality of drinking water in the EU. It aims to gather the views of citizens on various proposed actions that could be undertaken to improve the supply of high quality water. Have your say ...

Get Energy Smart

School pupils from Bucksburn Academy and students from the University of Aberdeen have created a video aimed at school leavers and students. Energy Smart provides advice and tips on how to live in a sustainable and save money along the way. View the video here ...

This project was funded by Aberdeen City Council and EU Interreg IVB NWE Programme through the Mitigation in Urban Areas: Solutions for Innovative Cities (MUSIC) Project. The MUSIC Project aims to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 50% by 2030 in Aberdeen and 4 other EU partner towns/cities namely Ghent (Belgium), Montreuil (France), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Ludwigsburg (Germany). The project is in its final year now. To see what else has been achieved visit the dedicated  MUSIC project page. 

Summer Holidays: Make sure you're prepared!

Are you going on or planning a holiday in Europe this summer? Before you go take a look at our fact file on travel for idea and to ensure you're fully prepared ...

Fact File 4 - Quick Guide to Travelling in the European Union
To request any of the materials highlighted in our fact file contact us

Europe Direct Information Centre User Survey - please use this link to give your views.

An independent market research organisation, 'Creative Research' are carrying out a survey to find out about local awareness and usage of Europe Direct Information Centres aross the UK. If you have used the Aberdeen service, with a simple enquiry about the EU, to find a publication or to ask for help/advice, please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey on the service provided. Your contribution is completely anomymous. Many thanks.

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European Achievements 2010 - 2014 

European Commission 2010-2014: A Record of Achievements is a new booklet published by the European Commission. The booklet sets out the key achievements as chosen by the Commissioners themselves. Each Commissioner had the opportunity to choose three achievements. Their responses ranged from fairer rights for travellers and consumers to  fighting youth unemployment and human trafficking to providing assistance to 120 million disaster victims every year. The booklet is worth a look and gives a good overview of the activities that the current Commission have been involved in.

From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to EU-10 enlargement

This video brings together archive film footage highlighting the old division between East and West, the beginning of the removal of the Berlin Wall in 1989, German reunification in 1990 and the accession of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia in 2004.

The Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is not to be confused with the European Council. The represent 47 member states of which the 28 EU member states are a part of. If you wish to find out more about the work they do watch this informative video

Is work stressing you out?

Health Workplaces Manage Stress is a new campaign launched by the European Agency for Safety and Health at work. On the campaign's dedicated website you can find information and statistics about stress in the workplace and how to manage it. See how you can get involved by clicking on the banner below.  

  Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress Banner


For guidedance on what funding is available and how to apply for Eramus+ funding visit Erasmus+ UK or the main European page ERASMUS+. Alternatively have read the Erasmus+ Guidelines here.

The Erasmus+ Guide guide explains how grant applications should be prepared, and provides detailed information on how to apply. Erasmus+ aims at boosting skills and employability, along with modernising education, training and youth work. The seven-year programme will have a budget of €14.7 billion, which represents a 40% increase compared to current spending levels. It is expected that the programme will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.  

EDIC Aberdeen Fact Files

EDIC Aberdeen regularly produce Fact Files as part of a series of small leaflets allowing citizens to find out about the role of the European Union and their rights in various key areas of European policy. These are available in the EDIC and also in Community Libraries throughout Aberdeen. A selection of these can also be downloaded below;

Fact File No. 13 Welcome Croatia                    Fact File No.14 Protected Food Names

Fact File No. 15 Languages in the EU               Fact File No. 16 Tackling Discrimination in the EU

Fact File No. 17 Waste Aware Europe              Special Edition Fact File European Parliament Elections 2014 

Press Releases, Current Consultations & Useful Links

Please go to Europe Direct Press Releases & Links

Download the EU Treaties as e-Books

Download and read in e-Book format the Consolidated Treaty on European Union and the EURATOM Treaty.
Available at  EU Treaties e-Books

Travelling in Europe

Visit the Your Europe - Travel webpage which is full of useful information for people travelling in the EU. Whether you are on holiday or on business, you will find practical advice and helpful tips on a wealth of subjects, from what documents you need, to getting healthcare and using your mobile phone.

Emergencies in the EU

112 in UK Banner 112 in UK Childrens Banner
In the UK 999 remains as the main emergency number. 112 in UK How it works PDF

The Countries of Europe

A new feature on the Europa website is an interactive map and listings of the countries of Europe.

Each of the above links will take you to a map of Europe and a list of countries. Clicking on the name of the country on the map or on the list to the left will bring up a brief overview of that country

Europe for Business

Your Europe - Business A multilingual service providing practical information and online government services for companies looking for business in another EU country.

Provided jointly by the European Commission and national authorities.

Europe for Kids 


Discover more about your European neighbours in "The EU: What's it all about?", enjoy the interactive games and quizzes and find out about your rights on the Kids Corner webpage.

Europe for Youth

ED Youth Portal
A gateway to citizenship and mobility for young people in Europe!

The European Youth Portal offers European and national information of interest to young people who are living, learning and working in Europe. The portal covers 31 countries and is available in 25 languages.

EU Events and Initiatives

European citizens Initiative

*NEW* European Citizens' Initiative

You are now able to call on the Commission to make legislative proposals on EU policy. A new website has all the information on how to launch a "citizens' initiative".

Find out more at: The European Citizens' Initiative page


The European Commission has launched a new website for researchers. EURAXESS - Researchers in motion will provide researchers with easy access to information in four main areas:

  • EURAXESS Services: information for mobile researchers
  • EURAXESS Jobs: on-line researcher's vacancies and funding opportunities
  • EURAXESS Rights: European Researchers' Charter and Code implementation
  • EURAXESS Links: networking of European researchers abroad and third-country researchers in Europe

At the Euraxess: Researchers in motion page you will find a free one-stop-shop listing research jobs and funding opportunities in Europe.

  • Researchers: Search for up-to-date vacancies and post your CVs.
  • Employers: Post your vacancies and find qualified research talent.


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