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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there charges for late return of materials?

  • For all overdue items except DVDs there is a weekly charge of 45 pence  per item with a cumulative limit of 3.60 per item. 
    For overdue  DVDs there is a weekly charge of 2.10 per item with a cumulative limit of 10.50 per item.
    Please note that these charges do not apply to under 12s, however the above fines do apply to teenagers borrowing items form the Adult lending collections.

Do I have to return items to the same library I borrowed them from?

  • No, items can be borrowed from and returned to any of the public libraries in the city.

How do I reserve an item that is out on loan?

  • Reservations for library stock can be placed in person at any library or online through the 'My Account' section of the Library Catalogue . There is a charge of 50p (20p concession) for each reservation placed. You will be notified by phone/voicemail or text when the item is available and you will then have a maximum of 7 days to collect it from your chosen library.

Can I access the library catalogue?

  • Yes. See our Library Catalogue page. Library members can also place reservations and renew loans from the 'My Account' section of the ctalogue

How do I join the Library?

  • Complete the  Online Membership Form or visit any city library with proof of identification (eg recent bank statement, utility bill, bank card or similar ID). Adults (Guarantor) must show proof of I.D. when joining their children.    Full membership is only available if you live, work or study within Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire,  if you do not fall into this category you can join as a Digital Member which will give you access to our Online Services, Wifi and Library Public PCs.

How long can I borrow a library item?

  • Books and CDs are normally loaned for 4 weeks, whilst DVDs are loaned for one week. For details about all items contact any library.

How many books can I borrow at one time?

  • Registered Adult borrowers can borrow up to 10 on their card. 

Are there toilets in Central Library?

  • Yes. There is a public toilet located in the link corridor between the Media  Centre and the Adult Lending Library.  Please ask at the reception desk as a door code is required to use this facility.

Can I use my Accord card to borrow books?

  • Yes. Library membership can be added to all Accord cards.  Please ask at any library to have your membership moved onto your accord card.

Can I make an Access to Leisure application?

  • Yes. We have trained staff at the Central Library and all branch libraries to help with this process.

Do you have Internet access and Wifi?

  • Yes. All our libraries provide this facility.

Do you have old newspapers?

  • We stock a range of papers on microfilm and also can access others via our online databases through the  Digital Zone.

Do you have publications for sale?

  • We sell postcards and other local collated materials.

Do you have resources for tracing family history?

  • Yes. We have a range of resources including expert staff to assist you with family history enquiries.

Does the library provide training courses?

  • Yes,we run courses in partnership with Aberdeen College and can provide taster sessions and other courses. The college provides training at Library Learning Centres based in Tillydrone, Bucksburn, Kaimhill and  Cults community libraries and the Central Library’s Media Centre. Taster sessions and other courses can be run at any of the libraries in the city - contact staff for more information.

What are the Central Library opening hours?

  • The Central Library is open : Monday and Wednesday 9am - 8pm; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am - 5pm.

What can I borrow?

  • Adult membership (age 12 and over) entitles a borrower to the following; 10 books (incl. 6 audio books), 2 language courses, 4 CDs and 4 DVDs. Children's membership (under 12s) includes; 10 books, 4 storytapes and 4 DVDs.

How old does my child have to be to join the library?

  • There is no lower age limit for membership. Indeed we encourage membership from birth.

How can my child join the library?

  • Visit any city library. Adults (Guarantor) must show proof of I.D. when joining their children. (eg recent bank statement, utility bill, bank card or similar ID).  Full membership is only available if you live, work or study within Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire. Your child can then borrow immediately.

What can a child borrow?

  • 10 books, 4 talking books and 4 dvds. Books and talking books can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks, dvds and videos for 1 week. These can be renewed on two further occasions, in person or by phone.

What happens if items are returned late?

  • There are no fines on items borrowed from the children’s library on an under 16s card. Teenagers borrowing Adult stock will incur charges, please see above.

When do I get an adult card?

  • Young people between 12 and 16 will have a teen card, which allows them to borrow from the adult and children’s libraries.   Once 16 membership will be moved to adult membership. 

Can I borrow children’s items on an adult borrower card?

  • Yes, but it is much better for your child to have his/her own library card. Fines will be charged on late return of any items borrowed on an Adult card. 

Can I leave my children in the library?

  • Children under eight cannot be left without adult supervision. Children over eight can be left for short periods of time if staff are informed.

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