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Library Fines and Charges

Multi-Media Library (Over 12's only)

  • 4 CDs 90p. per item (45p. Residents Card/Visitors Pass/Concession)
  • 2 Language Courses 1.00. per item (50p. Residents Card/Visitors Pass/Concession)
  • 4 DVDs or Blu-ray Discs 2.00 per item (1.00 Residents Card/Visitors Pass/Concession)
  • 2 DVD Box Sets (4 Discs +) 3.00 per item (2.00 ResidentsCar/Visitors Pass/ Concession)


  • A4 Black & White 10p.
  • A3 Black & White 20p.
  • A4 Colour 50p.
  • A3 Colour 1.00

Note: Colour photocopying is only available at the Media Centre in the Central Library.

Local Studies

Business Information

  • Kompass Easybusiness Online:
    Mailing lists including company names, addresses, contact details and executive names can be downloaded on your behalf at 0.05 per record (5.00 minimum charge).
    View our Kompass Easybusiness poster (PDF)

Fax Services

  • Send within UK & Europe 1.20 for 1st. page; 60p. per page thereafter
  • Send elsewhere 2.10 for 1st. page; 1.20  per page thereafter
  • Receive 1.20 for 1st page, 30p. per page thereafter. (UK, Europe or elsewhere)

Note: Fax Services only available at the Information Centre in the Central Library and Kincorth Customer Access Point.

Internet Access

  • Access Free
  • Computer prints 20p. per A4 sheet (Black & White & Colour)


  • 45p per week or part of a week - Items  five weeks and more overdue 3.60 each.
  • DVDs 2.00 per week or part of a week - Items five weeks and more overdue 10.00 each.
  • DVD Box Sets 3.00 per week - Items five weeks and more overdue 15.00
  • Language Courses 1.00 per week - Items five weeks and more overdue 5.00

Including concessions.


  • Book, Multi-Media items 50p. (concessions 20p)
  • Under 16's Free (Children's material only)

Inter Library Loans

  • Book or Journal Article Request: 5.00; Renewals 2.50

N.B. Fines 1.00 per day to maximum of 10 per item for books

  • Orchestral Sets: 15.00; Renewals 7.50 

N.B. Fines 2.00 per day to maximum of 20 for Orchestral Sets

Digital & Arts Equipment Lending Service

  • Booking Fee 3.50 - 25.00 depending on item value.
  • Extra days (requested at time of booking) charged at 2.00 per day. Fines 10 per day.

Note: Digital & Arts Equipment Service only available at the Media Centre, Central Library.


  • Badge Components 6.00 per bag of 50
  • CD-Rs 50p.
  • CD-RWs 1.00
  • DVD-Rs 1.00
  • DVD-RWs 1.50
  • Batteries 50p. each; 2.00 per pack
  • Jute Bags 2.00
  • Mini DVD-Rs 3.50
  • Mini DVD-RWs 4.60
  • USB Memory sticks (2GB) 3.50
  • Headphones (Earbud) 3.50
  • Headphone (Soft Ear) 2.50.
  • Replacement of lost Membership Cards 2.00 (Adults) (1.00 concessions)
  • Postcards 30p. each or 4 for 1.00
  • Lettercards 40p. each or 3 for 1.00
  • Map Reproductions 1.50 

A range of goods are also availablle in the Children's Department of the Central Library

Contact Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there charges for late return of materials?

  • Yes there are charges for almost all items borrowed.

Are there toilets in the library?

  • Yes. Please ask at the Adult Lending desk for details.

Can I use my Accord card to borrow books?

  • Accord cards that have this facility activated can be used to borrow books.

Can you do an Access to Leisure application?

  • Yes. We have trained staff at all libraries to help with this process.

Do you have Internet access?

  • Yes. All our libraries provide this facility.

Do you have old newspapers?

  • We stock a range of papers on microfilm and also can access via our internet subscriptions.

Do you have publications for sale?

  • We sell postcards and other local collated materials.

Do you have resources for tracing family history?

  • Yes. We have a range of resources including expert staff to assist you with such an enquiry.  

Does the library provide training courses?

  • We facilitate training through North East Scotland College.  We also run a range of 'Go On' courses for people who are going online for the first time.

How can I access the library catalogue?

  • Customers wishing to search our records can either come in personally, telephone to ask for a search or the catalogue can now be searched online clicking on this link to the  Library Catalogue . Library members can also place reservations and renew their loans through the 'My Account' section of the catalogue.

How do I join the Library?

  • Complete the Online Membership Form if over 16 or, alternatively, visit the Central Library (or any local one) with proof of ID and staff will take you through the registration process. Adults (Guarantor) must show proof of address when joining their children.

How long can I borrow a library item?

  • Books are normally loaned for 4 weeks, whilst audio-visual material is one to two weeks. For details about all items contact us at the Central Library.

How many books can I borrow at one time?

  • Registered Adult borrowers can borrow up to 10 on their card.

What are the Central Library opening hours?

  • The Central Library is open from 9am. to 8pm. on Monday & Wednesday and from 9am. to 5pm. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

What can I borrow?

  • Adult membership (age 12 and over) entitles a borrower to the following; 10 books (incl. 6 audio books), 2 language courses, 4 CDs, 4 DVDs and 4 videos. Children’s membership (under 12s) includes; 10 books, 4 story tapes, 2 DVDs and 2 videos.

How do I reserve an item that is out on loan?

  • Reservations for library stock can be placed in person at any library or online through the 'My Account' section of the Library Catalogue . There is a charge of 50p (20p concession) for each reservation placed. You will be notified by phone/voicemail or text when the item is available and you will then have a maximum of 7 days to collect it from your chosen library.

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