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Frequently Asked Questions

Children's Library - Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to join the library?

  • There is no lower age limit for membership. Indeed we encourage membership from birth.

How can my child join the library?

  • A parent/guardian must show proof of their address (eg recent bank statement, utility bill, or similar ID) and fill in a membership form. Your child can then borrow immediately.

What can a child borrow?

  • 10 books, 4 talking books/ CDs , 4 dvds. Books and talking books can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks, dvds  for 1 week. These can be renewed on two further occasions, in person, online or by phone.

What happens if my child damages a book?

  • We expect a certain amount of damage to items, especially those aimed at the very young. However, if there is persistent damage to items we may ask for the replacement cost.

What happens if items are returned late?

  • There are no fines on items borrowed from the children's library on an under 16s card.

When do I get an adult card?

  • Young people between 12 and 16 will have a teen card, which allows them to borrow from the adult and children's section of the library. Full adult membership is available at age 16.

Can I borrow children's items on an adult borrower card?

  • Yes, but it is much better for your child to have his/her own library card. Fines will be charged on late return of items borrowed using an adult ticket.

Can I leave my children in the library?

  • Children under eight cannot be left without adult supervision. Children over eight can be left for short periods of time if staff are informed.

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