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Flooding - General Guidance and Information


Flooding is a problem which affects homes and lives in the city of Aberdeen and indeed all over Scotland. Rainfall events are occurring on an increasingly regular basis with varying intensity and with over 600km of both open and culverted watercourse throughout Aberdeen City, flooding is always a possibility. Aberdeen City Council adopts a rigorous inspection and maintenance regime to minimise the risk of flooding due to blockages in the watercourses, however there can be many potential reasons as to the cause of flooding, not just as a result of a blocked watercourse. The following information and links will give advice on flooding and what to do in the event of a flood, before, during and in the aftermath.

Be Flood Aware

It is your responsibility to protect yourself, your family, property or business but, help is available and many organisations work together to reduce the risk of flooding.

Being aware of your risk is the first step to preparing for flooding. Please read the information on the right and prepare for flooding carefully.

Useful Websites and contacts

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

SEPA Flood Maps - SEPA Flood maps are designed to help you understand how you could be affected by flooding. The maps show you areas that are likely to flood from rivers, the sea and surface water.

Scottish Flood Forum - The Scottish Flood Forum is a Scottish based charitable organisation that provides support for and represents those who are affected by or at risk from flooding.

Aberdeen City Council Flooding Team -  email or call 03000 200 292