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Committee’s view sought on waste options for city


Aberdeen City Council's Zero Waste Management Sub-committee has received an update on possible options for dealing with the city's general waste in light of proposals to introduce mixed recycling collections.

Councillors on the sub-committee heard that the new mixed recycling service will be piloted next year with a roll out to households with individual bins planned for 2015.

It would see the current bag and box recycling service, which provides a total waste capacity of 75 litres, replaced with a single 240 litre wheeled bin.

Residents would be able to discard all recyclable materials, including, paper, cardboard, plastics and glass, in the single bin instead of separating it into different containers.

The sub-committee was told that encouraging households to remove more bulky recyclable materials from the general waste stream would reduce the need for full-sized bins for general waste.

Options presented to the sub-committee included considering the frequency of general waste uplifts and the capacity of bins.

The sub-committee unanimously agreed, however, that the focus should be on the capacity of bins and not the frequency of collections.

Zero Waste Management Sub-committee Convener Councillor Jean Morrison said: "Aberdeen City Council, like all local authorities, has a duty to increase recycling rates while reducing the amount of waste ending up on landfill and our officers are working extremely hard to achieve just that.

"Clearly we have to balance our own aspirations and ambitions with those of the city's citizens and provide waste collection services that are suitable and appropriate for all.

"Reducing the frequency of general refuse collections is not an option and we will continue to provide a fortnightly service in that respect.

"Instead we will be focusing our attention on determining the best balance between the capacity of recycling and refuse containers in order to encourage more recycling and less reliance on landfill."

An updated report on the proposals will be presented to the Zero Waste Management Sub-committee in February.