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Young Academy seeks to recruit Aberdeenís talented academics and professionals


An organisation that brings together some of Scotland's most gifted young people is meeting in Aberdeen for the first time as part of a drive to recruit local talent.

Young RSE member Chris O' Sullivan at the Aberdeen meeting. The Young Academy brings together the most able and innovative young academics, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals in Scotland with the aim of stimulating creative ideas and collaborative working that will help the country tackle the global challenges of the 21st century.

The Young Academy was established last year [2011] and is associated with the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), which has a history dating back to 1783 and was influenced by many of the leading figures in the Scottish Enlightenment.

Its members visited the University of Aberdeen today [Thursday, 13 September] and they will be at Aberdeen City Council's headquarters at Marischal College tomorrow [Friday, 14 September].

Applications are being invited from north-east academics of all disciplines, and from the professions, the arts, civil society and business - areas that are currently under represented in the Young Academy.

Aberdeen City Council quality improvement officer Neil McLennan is a member of the Young Academy and will be welcoming his cohorts to the local authority.

He said: "The Young Academy members work across disciplines to consider many of the most challenging issues facing society either domestically or globally, in fields as diverse as climate change, the economy, ethics or the arts. Members of the RSE committe , Chris O' Sullivan, Dr. Ineke De Moortel,Dr. Aileen Fyfe, Peter Reekie, Alan Gow and host of the Aberdeen visit, Neil McLennan.

"It is a fantastic coup for Aberdeen to attract the Young Academians to the north-east. Not only is Aberdeen a city of learning but the inter-disciplinary nature of the Academy is reflected in the way this city operates.

"I am sure the meetings here will be productive and hopefully also attract more from the north-east to apply for fellowship as part of the Young Academy's next intake."

Sir John Arbuthnott, President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, said: "I have been enthused to meet the members of the Young Academy and believe that they will individually and collectively make a great contribution to Scotland and the world in the decades ahead.

"The RSE established the Young Academy because we recognise that Scotland has many talented and able young people, who, whilst currently at relatively early stages of their careers, can contribute to one of the key aims of the RSE – the advancement of useful knowledge."

Anyone wishing to apply to become a member of the Young Academy of Scotland can do so at Formal enquiries can be made by e-mailing Lesley Campbell on