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Revised Aberdeen City Waste Strategy approved


Councillors have approved a revised version of the Aberdeen City Waste Strategy, a document that sets out the Council's long-term plans to reduce the social, economic and environmental consequences of waste.

The strategy, which covers the period 2010-2025, was initially adopted by Councillors at the Housing and Environment Committee on 13 April 2010.

Recent changes in legislation and confirmation of investment for new waste infrastructure for the city were not reflected in the strategy, however, and the necessary amendments were required.

The revised document was approved at the meeting of the Finance, Policy and Resources Committee on Tuesday 06 May.

Aberdeen City Council Housing and Environment Convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: "I am pleased to present this revised Aberdeen City Waste Strategy for our city.

"As a city we understand the benefits when we reduce, reuse and recycle our finite resources and these principles underlie the plans within this document.

"All of the materials in our waste containers can offer significant value to our homes and our businesses; we recognise the opportunities available to us when we recover these resources for our benefits - moving from a history of costly and damaging landfill to a future of sustainable resources and energy.

"Implementing the proposals within the Waste Strategy will make Aberdeen a zero waste city, providing long term social, economic and environmental benefits to us all.

"The themes outlined in this strategy – and the improvements they will deliver - are the right choice for our residents, our schools and our business community, allowing Aberdeen to thrive and be an example to other local authorities."

The revised Aberdeen City Waste Strategy can be viewed on the council website here.