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Environmentally-friendly makeover breathes new life into city’s Waste Aware bus


Aberdeen City Council's Waste Aware bus has been given an environmentally-friendly makeover using materials that could have been destined for the dump.

Christina McIntosh, Recycling Officer, shows some of the recycling materials used on the bus to Peter Lawrence, Councillor Jean Morrison & Martina Klubal. The bus, an educational resource where children and adults can get tips on waste and recycling, now boasts flooring reclaimed from a school gym, walls tiled with disused computer circuit boards and stools made out of old tyres.

Recycled toothbrushes, CDs, plastic bottles and even shredded banknotes have also been put to good use in the makeover, providing unique interior features.

Aberdeen City Council recycling officer Christina McIntosh led the transformation project which took six months to complete.

She said: "We wanted to use the bus to show people how it's possible to reuse and recycle everyday items, for example, turning tyres into stools or giving old flooring or furniture a new lease of life.

"We wanted the bus to give the wow factor so visitors would go away thinking about how they could recycle and reuse."

Christina added: "Upcycled accessories provide the perfect finishing touches on board - brightly painted picture frames display leaflets about recycling, an ironing board frame is now used as a table for recycling bags and promotional items, and two bright pink tyres form a very unique stool.

"We are delighted with how the bus has turned out and it goes to show what can be achieved with a little imagination."

Aberdeen City Council Housing and Environment Convener Councillor Neil Cooney added: "We are fortunate to have such an active Waste Aware team here at Aberdeen City Council.

"They are always looking at innovative ways to raise the profile of the city's waste and recycling services and communicate key messages on recycling and waste disposal to residents throughout the city.

"The Waste Aware bus makeover is an example of practicing what you preach and I would like to congratulate all involved for having the vision to complete such a unique project.

"The transformation has breathed new life into the bus but done so using materials that could have easily ended up being needlessly buried in landfill.

"Aberdeen City Council views waste as a resource, not a problem and we are always looking at ways of gaining value from waste at all stages of its life.

"This project is just one example of how that can be achieved and I hope this will inspire others to adopt a similar view and think of clever ways to give waste a second life."

The Waste Aware bus is an education and information resource that travels round the city to help raise awareness of the council's waste and recycling services.

The Waste Aware team offers advice and information on the council's waste services including kerbside collection services, recycling centres and recycling points.

Visit the Waste and Recycling section of Aberdeen City Council's website for more information.