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Aberdeen Trading Standards to raise awareness of tobacco law to young people


An awareness campaign to explain how the law on tobacco affects young people will get under way by Aberdeen's Trading Standards today Monday 01 September].

Working with Aberdeen College and local retailers they aim to get the message across to under18s that they:

  • cannot buy cigarettes or tobacco;
  • cannot ask over18s to buy cigarettes or tobacco for them;
  • can have their cigarettes confiscated by the police if found in procession of cigarettes or tobacco in a public place.

The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010 brought together several laws relating to the sale of tobacco and tobacco products such as cigarettes. This includes the offence of retailers selling tobacco to under18s. The law also introduced several new rules including the ban of the display of tobacco in supermarkets and large shops.

The legislation makes it a criminal offence for under18s to buy or attempt to buy tobacco. The legislation also gives the police the power to confiscate cigarettes and tobacco from under18s who are found in possession of either in a public place.

The law makes it a criminal offence for over18s to purchase cigarettes and tobacco for under18s.

Graeme Paton, team leader, of Trading Standards at Aberdeen City Council, said: "With the new term about to start at the city's universities and colleges we want to get the message out to young people that it is not only illegal for under18s to buy cigarettes and tobacco but it is illegal for over18s to buy cigarettes for them. Our officers have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of up to 200 to anyone who does."

"We are working with Aberdeen College and local retailers to get this message across. We don't want young people to get a criminal record and our posters backed up with messages on information screens around the college will hopefully make students aware of these laws and consider their actions."

Retailers are being asked to report any instances of under18s either attempting to buy or are being bought cigarettes and tobacco by over18s. They all have CCTV and can provide images of those who do.

If you see under18s buying cigarettes or being bought them you can report it to the Trading Standards on (01224) 523737 or can call anonymously on (01224) 522433.