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Council to conduct tenant satisfaction survey


Aberdeen City Council is about to conduct a tenant satisfaction survey to hear the views of residents and look at ways services could be improved in the future.

The survey will take the form of a 15-20 minute face-to-face questionnaire with approximately 1,300 tenants and will be delivered by IBP Strategy and Research.

Aberdeen City Council housing officers have written to tenants selected for the survey to advise them that an interviewer from IBP is expected to visit their home between Wednesday 09 April and Friday 09 May.

The survey group was selected by IBM and is representative of all Aberdeen City Council's tenants. Tenants have been advised that all IBP interviewers will be carrying security badges and a letter of authorisation from the council.

Any tenant who is visited by an interviewer and has queries is asked to call 01224 522839 or 01224 523947.

Any tenant visited by an interviewer is encouraged to take some time to complete the survey.

Tenants who take part in the survey will be entered into a prize draw with five chances to win 100 of high street vouchers.

Local authorities are required, by the Housing Regulator, to carry out tenant satisfaction surveys every three years.

The results from this survey will be issued to all tenants through the council's tenant magazine Newsbite and published on the council website.