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Aberdeen taxi drivers urged to make sure tyres comply with vehicle safety standards


Aberdeen City Council today urged taxi drivers in the city to check their tyres to make sure they are compliant with vehicle safety standards.

In the past two weeks Grampian Police have reported two incidents where taxis of the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) type operating in the city, were found to be fitted with inappropriate tyres.

Vehicles of this nature, which carry heavier loads, should be fitted with Extra Load (XL) tyres.

In both cases it was discovered that the vehicles did not have XL tyres. Instead both had recently been fitted with new tyres which were more suitable for a saloon type vehicle.

In order to adhere to vehicle safety standards and legal requirements, operators must ensure their taxis are fitted with the correct make and type of tyre for their vehicle.

Drivers should consult with the manufacturer's handbook and make sure that the tyres fitted to their vehicle adhere to the specifications listed.

A simple way to check that tyres are compliant is to check the details on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate, which will give the maximum permitted weight for each axle. The combined load weight of both tyres on that axle needs to be at least that of the axle weight.

Any vehicles which are submitted for a test at Aberdeen City Council's Taxi Inspection Centre and found to have the wrong type of tyre will have to be failed and will be required to have the tyres changed irrespective of their condition.

Any taxi driver wishing to find out more should contact the Taxi Inspection Centre.