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City Council Chief Executive launches senior management structural review


Aberdeen City Council Chief Executive Valerie Watts has announced a review of senior management structures within the organisation.

Mrs Watts said key policies which the City Council wished to see progressed – in particular in the areas of education and strategic infrastructure – made reorganisation necessary.

The Chief Executive made clear that the review would affect the roles of Directors and Heads of Service and that other staff would not be personally affected.

Mrs Watts added that she wished to see Director and Head of Service roles redesigned to fit better with the council's aspirations and policy objectives, and that a wholesale reorganisation was not envisaged.

The Chief Executive said: "There are a number of drivers and pressures which have led me to conclude that the time is now right to look at the senior management structure of the Council. In particular, I believe that the Council's key policy commitments in relation to both education and strategic infrastructure require to be underpinned and driven by more focused structural arrangements.

"It is therefore my intention to undertake a review of the corporate management structure of the City Council, ie Directors and Heads of Service. It is also my intention to conduct a full review of the Office of Chief Executive at the same time.

"Colleagues in Human Resources and Organisational Development are assisting me with drawing up a process which will underpin this work and I have stressed to them that posts will be filled via job-matching as, at Director level, I envisage that it will be role amendment rather than the radical redesign of posts. Posts below Director level will be filled on a matched basis."

Formal proposals for Directors' posts will now be drawn up and issued for internal consultation through March and April, and will be brought to elected members for consideration at the end of April.

The matching-in process for the Director posts is set for the start of May, along with the start of any competitive process, if needed, to fill one or more of the realigned positions.

The Chief Executive, Directors and the Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development will work up the detail of the new structure in mid-May, before a further consultation process is held in June.

Elected members will consider the proposals at the end of June, and the matching-in and any necessary interviews for the new Head of Service posts will run from July until mid-August.