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sQuid card reaches out to new retailers


Thanks to the growing popularity of sQuid in Aberdeen citizens will be able to pay using sQuid on their Accord Card at three more retailers in the city centre.

sQuid Card supporters, Jacqueline Reid from Beautiful mountain, John Gallacher (sQuid Card), Rory MacDonald (Baskin and Robbins),Kris Gorman (sQuid card) and Craig Willox (Books and Beans). From today [Thursday 19 May] people will be able to use sQuid to pay for a coffee, lunch or snack at The Beautiful Mountain, Books and Beans or ice cream from Baskin' Robins, Belmont Street, Aberdeen.

Launched by Aberdeen City Council's Accord Card in September and used at council and Sport Aberdeen facilities across the city, sQuid is the smart way to pay for the little things in life.

sQuid e-money is a smart e-purse that is a substitute for carrying cash. Money is credited onto an Accord card allowing purchases to be made. Cash can be uploaded online or at venues across the city.

sQuid offers an alternative way of paying making the search for loose change or the carrying of cash a thing of the past so more time can be spent enjoying a coffee, a swim or a workout than at the till. The service is accessible to all ages offering a safer option than carrying money. The service is secure as cardholders can either upload cash online or at terminals across Aberdeen. This means cardholders can set up sQuid on their Accord card without requiring a bank account and can use it with the peace of mind that it can never run up any debts.

The Accord Card is Aberdeen City Council's successful smartcard. Originally created to encourage social inclusion, the team has issued over 80,000 smartcards across the city providing an easy way to manage every day activities from bus travel for older and disabled citizens, library membership and Access to Leisure.

Since August 2010 sQuid has been included on all newly issued Accord Cards for cardholders who wish to use sQuid and feature a pink sQuid logo. Anyone who has an Accord card that was issued prior to August 2010 can have sQuid added at one of the Customer Access Points.

Bruce Reid, Operations Manager for the Accord Card said: "I am delighted that Accord card holders can now use their sQuid e-money purse at retailers in the centre of the City adding another convenient service for citizens.

"This service is also useful for parents who want to give their children money to spend without having to give them cash as not only do we have these new retailers there are a large number of Sport Aberdeen facilities throughout the City who accept sQuid. This is just the start for sQuid and we look forward to welcoming more retailers in the coming months."

Bede Feltham, Marketing Director at sQuid added: "We are very pleased to see the wider use and uptake of sQuid on the NEC Accord card. Now that card holders can pay with sQuid at these recently signed up retailers in the City Centre we expect this will encourage other retailers to accept sQuid e-payments too. We are delighted on the rollout of sQuid in Aberdeen so far and look forward to card holders telling us where else they would like to use their cards to pay with sQuid."

Aberdeen joins a growing number of regions across the UK to embrace sQuid eMoney on their smartcard. The three new retailers join the Art Gallery, Beach Leisure Centre, Links Ice Arena and the Central Library in addition to a number of swimming pools and sports centres around the city.

Residents are also given the option to nominate further retailers they would like to see accepting payment by sQuid. With the addition of further services planned over the coming months sQuid cards are set to increase in popularity around Aberdeen.

By offering a free, secure and convenient service this can only be good news for Accord users of all ages. To encourage people to use their smart purse, sQuid will credit an extra 5 to the first 100 people who register and top up their cards, with more special offers to follow.

For further information on sQuid and the Accord card visit: or