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Shaping Aberdeen - growing the city


Significant new developments in the Granite City are to be highlighted to city residents and businesses to ensure everyone knows how the council is shaping Aberdeen for the future.

Councillor Jenny Laing. Shaping Aberdeen is a long-term plan building on established strong foundations, demonstrating the city's strengths and ongoing improvement, with residents in mind.

It will outline and promote a broad range of projects, including new council-led housing developments, schools, roads infrastructure, digital connectivity and high-speed broadband, regeneration projects across the city, the proposed new AECC, and the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project.

The new strategy, designed to keep the people of Aberdeen informed about how the public pound is being spent, will show what's in the pipeline for the city as it continues to grow, develop and regenerate, and as projects progress to the delivery stage.

Council leader Jenny Laing said: "Aberdeen has experienced considerable growth and investment in recent years and it is broadly recognised that if that growth is to be sustained, we must act now and deliver what the city needs.

"We are already doing that through our Strategic Infrastructure Plan, which has identified five key priorities: housing, transport, connectivity, city image, and skills. The SIP is not only deliverable, but is also achievable and costed. We have spoken a lot about what the council will do to shape and improve Aberdeen for the future. Now we are going to show what the council is achieving.

"We are moving into the delivery stage and I think it is important that our council tax and rates payers can see at a glance where their money is going. Shaping Aberdeen will showcase these essential projects to the public and let them see what and how much is being achieved and what our city is capable of.

"Regeneration is a key priority for Aberdeen. It is about more than new buildings, houses and schools – it's about people and communities. Shaping Aberdeen is also about people and communities. It will help us as a local authority to communicate directly with them about a broad range of topics through a variety of means, including Facebook, Twitter, direct emails, marketing campaigns, and by broadcasting Council meetings live – allowing people to see democracy in action as decisions are made about the future of their city."

Through the Strategic Infrastructure Plan the Council has committed to: build 2,000 affordable homes; deliver the Third Don Crossing, Dyce Drive link road and Berryden Corridor; drastically improve the provision and speed of broadband connections to homes and businesses; improve local transport through initiatives including the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project; commit to improving the city's image by regenerating the city centre and other areas; and tackling the skills shortage by attracting and retaining a workforce that meets Aberdeen's needs in a city in which people want to live, invest and visit.

Shaping Aberdeen will emphasise that commitment and illustrate the achievements and developments as each of the projects and aspirations move into the delivery phases. New projects will be incorporated into Shaping Aberdeen as the city evolves, ensuring the public are as informed as possible about how their city is developing and growing and how their money is being spent.

If you have questions about Shaping Aberdeen or any of the projects included in it, email