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Severe weather update


Updates regarding to the severe weather affecting Aberdeen city.

08/01/2016 5:05pm

Aberdeen City Council's emergency response plan following the extreme weather has moved to the recovery phase tonight, as residents returned to their homes and river levels reduced.

The roads department have deployed gritters overnight as a warning has been issued from weather forecasters for the north-east fearing a drop in temperatures.

Council officers will continue their work on the ground in affected areas over the weekend.

Aberdeen City Council would like to thank all of their staff for their tireless efforts, over the past 24 hours to ensure residents in Aberdeen would be safe.

08/01/2016 2:05pm

Redmoss Road is closed due to flooding.

08/01/2016  2.00pm

Aberdeen City Council's emergency response to the extreme weather continued as anti-flooding efforts were switched to Culter.

The Culter burn burst its banks overnight which resulted in 12 residents from Millside being evacuated from their homes by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Our Roads, Health & Social Care and Communities staff are now helping alleviate the conditions in the area and offering ground support to residents.

The Mill Lade at Grandholm did not overflow and with the peak level of the Don having now passed, individual planning is underway for the return of the 86 residents moved from the Grandholm, Persley and Woodside care homes on Thursday evening.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has suggested that river levels in the city will not rise any further and will start to decrease gradually over the course of the day – as a result the decision has now been taken both to close the respite centre at Bridge of Don Academy.

However, residents in the Granholm and Culter areas are advised to remain extra vigilant over the next 48 hours.

Weather forecasters and Scottish environmental officers believe the North-east is due for some respite from extreme weather over the weekend – but Aberdeen City Council advise all residents to remain cautious and will be continuing its partnership efforts with all agencies involved in the emergency response as well as adopting a recovery plan.

Several roads across the city have been closed due to flood damage and residents are also advised not to make any unnecessary journeys given the potential for raised manhole covers or gullies under flood water.


Anyone concerned about flooding can contact Floodline which provides live information and advice on how to prepare for or cope with the impacts of flooding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call: 03459881188


08/01/2016  11.50am

The following roads are still closed:

  • Malcolm Road
  • Millside Street
  • Leggart Terrace
  • Inchgarth Road
  • Waterton Road

08/01/2016  10.45am

For up to date information about school closures please visit


08/01/2016  9.40am

The following roads are currently closed in Aberdeen:

  • Pitmedden Road (Kirkton Drive-Dyce Drive)   Now open
  • Leggart Terrace (Westbound)  
  • West North Street (eastbound between Little John Street & King Street)   Now open
  • Springfield Road   Now open
  • Abbotshall Road   Now open
  • Millside Street – Culter   Now open
  • Greenbrae Drive  Now open
  • Inchgarth Road (Shakkin Briggie)
  • Garthdee Road (ASDA roundabout – David Lloyd Gym) Now open
  • Beach Boulevard (Wales St-Links Rd)   Now open

08/01/2016   1.10am

Council officers are currently working in partnership with multiple agencies to help alleviate any issues arising from continuous flooding across the city.

SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) expect that the River Don will not break its bank and that the River Dee will remain at lower levels than experienced on December 30th based on their current data.

The River Dee is currently reaching it's peak and The River Don is expected to reach it's peak at 8am today (08/01/2015). Sandbags for those in high-risk areas are available from council depots at Bucksburn, West Tullos and Culter.

Council teams from the Environmental Services and the Roads department will be on the ground over night in the Donside and Deeside areas. However, residents in the area of Granholm continue to be advised to remain extra vigilant and vacate their premises if possible.

A respite centre remains in place at the Bridge of Don Academy for those vacating their homes.


07/01/2016  8.35pm

Kirkhill School will be closed tomorrow due to flooding.


07/01/2016  7.30pm

A WARNING has been issued to residents in the Donside area of the city as the River Don is expected to burst its banks later tonight

The river has reached the highest water level on record, according to SEPA.

Council officials have advised those living in lower residential areas close to the River Don, and in particular the Grandholm area, to seriously consider evacuating their homes as water levels continue to rise across the city.

Residents are advised to seek shelter with friends and family where they can, or alternatively, a respite centre has been set up at the Bridge of Don Academy.

A list of essentials items and advice has been drawn up for residents taking shelter at Bridge of Don Academy:

  • Change of warm clothing and blankets
  • Toiletries and everyday medicines
  • If appropriate, baby clothing, nappies and associated toiletries
  • Special foods
  • Important documents, immediate valuables and important telephone numbers of friends and relatives
  • Baskets or cages and leads for pets
  • Personal items such as glasses, mobile telephone, keys, cash or credit cards
  • Make sure fires are out and turn off gas, water and electricity. Allow adequate ventilation prior to turning them back on
  • Secure your property

As a precaution, alternative accommodation has been found for vulnerable adults living in the three affected care homes in the Grandholm area (Woodside, Persley and Grandholm).

Social care staff have arranged to open Rosehill Day Centre as a rest centre for older or vulnerable adults living in their own homes who may be affected by the water levels and whom we may need to evacuate. Officials are working to identify these people to offer support.

Other areas across the city have also been affected, particularly those located near burns. Sandbags are available for all residents within the city at three locations; the West Tullos, Bucksburn and Culter depots.

Residents with concerns should contact environmental services on:

  • 0845 6080919
  • 01224 219281

An emergency plan which has been adopted over the past two weeks has been activated. Council officers advise residents to stay indoors tonight where possible.

07/01/2016  6.05pm

Alternative accommodation has been found for vulnerable adults living in the three affected care homes in the Grandholm area (Woodside, Persley and Grandholm). Social Care staff have arranged to open Rosehill Day Centre as a rest centre for older or vulnerable adults living in their own homes who may be affected by the water levels and whom we may need to evacuate. We are working to identify these people to offer support.


07/01/2016 4.50pm

Aberdeen City Council Officers are currently addressing the potential for flooding in the Grandholm area of the city. Staff are working with employees at NHS Grampian in relation to three care homes and other vulnerable adults in the Grandholm area. Commuters are advised to plan ahead before travelling.


07/01/2016  2.00pm

Aberdeen City Council are continuing to review the weather situation in the area. No roads are currently closed but commuters are advised to plan ahead before travelling.

For further updates, please check the following sites:


Travel Scotland:

North East Police Scotland Twitter: @NorthEPolice