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Sailing adventure enjoyed by local young people


Young people from two locally based projects; the Tilly Youth Project and Zone Youth LGBT+, have given a presentation on their sailing experiences to the AGM for Ocean Youth Trust Scotland Aberdeen and NE Scotland Group in Aberdeen [Monday 21 May].  

The invitation to the AGM followed their participation in a 5-day sailing trip with Ocean Youth Trust which saw the group set sail aboard the Alba Venturer from Greenock, on Monday 09 April, and sail to Holy Loch, Loch Riddon and Campbeltown clocking up an impressive 166 nautical miles.

The sailing adventure was very hands-on with participants being taught how to steer the boat, navigate, change the sails and keep a lookout.

To ensure the boat is safe and people can rest the crew ran a watch system whereby they split the 12-person crew into two teams so there is always a team on duty. The system was a great way to split up the activities onboard so that everybody had the opportunity to do a task at least once.

The young people who took part are in the sailing adventure and spoke at the AGM are: Pawel Tyminski [17], Magdalena Tyminski [13], Justin Reiner [23], Natalie Pearson [18], Krysztof Skorvpinski [18], Magdalena Smich [15], Micolaj Smich [15], Agata Jaskiewicz [14], Arthur Kudojats [17].

The groups were supported by the Youth Development team of Aberdeen City Council.

Aberdeen City Council youth worker Ann-Marie Morrison, who accompanied them on the trip said: "All of the young people who took part in the sailing experience said they had a thoroughly enjoyable experience and of the seven that took part Krysztof Skorvpinski has applied to be a volunteer with Ocean Youth Trust."