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School library damaged by vandalism re-opens


Pupils and staff of Quarryhill School have celebrated the re-opening of their library which had been forced to close after vandals damaged the roof during the summer holidays.

Enjoying the new library are,L-R Cerys Gaudie (8 pr4), Ciara Wilson (11 Pr7), Mr Stephen Coutts- (Quarryhill Headteacher), Bradley Huntington (10 Pr6) and Councillor Jenny laing. On hearing that their library including books, their pictures on walls, flooring and furnishings had been spoiled by the rain getting into the building pupils in P3 decided to write to local businesses to ask for their help.

As City Council staff arranged for the redecoration, new carpeting and shelving to put in place donations started to roll in from companies and other organisations that wanted to help.

The following donations have been given to the school:


  • Shell UK - 2000 to spend on books that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics;
  • Mastrick Parish Church - 200;
  • Atlas – a large selection of books following a book collection by staff;
  • KPMG Aberdeen - 50;
  • Halliburton - 25 book token;
  • selection of books from the Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland charity shop in Cults;
  • a large range of books from parents and families involved in the school.

The restocked library offers a range of both fiction and non fiction books so there is something for everyone to enjoy.  The library will be used to encourage the enjoyment of reading as part of the school's approach to reading and literacy.

The library has always been used regularly by classes at the school however staff at the school aim to run sessions after-school so children and their parents can go along to the library so they can take books home.

Aberdeen City Council's Convener of Education, Culture and Sport Jenny Laing said: "Pupils and staff at Quarryhill School should be immensely proud of their hard work.  Their enthusiasm and determination to turn a negative situation into a positive one is a great example to us all.

"A big thank you must go to everyone who has taken the time to help out or made a donation as the restocked library will be a great asset to everyone that uses the facility."

Sharron Macdonald, depute headteacher of Quarryhill School, added: "Members of staff, pupils and parents have worked very hard to rebuild the library and I would like to thank them all for their sterling effort. The generous donations from businesses and the local church are wonderful and the children have remarked that the library is even better than it was before."