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New committee structure agreed by councillors


Aberdeen city councillors have agreed a new committee structure to match the organisation changes which are taking place within the local authority.

The new structure, effective from the next Full Council meeting on 08 October 2014, will be:

   •  Lord Provost – Councillor George Adam
   •  Depute Provost – Councillor John Reynolds
   •  Council Leader – Councillor Jenny Laing, who will also lead on economic development matters
   •  Depute Council Leader – Councillor Marie Boulton, who will also be Culture and Events Spokesperson
   •  Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee – convener Councillor Neil Cooney; vice-conveners Councillors Jean Morrison MBE and Gordon Graham
   •  Education and Children's Services Committee – convener Councillor Angela Taylor; vice-convener Councillor Len Ironside CBE
   •  Finance, Policy and Resources Committee – convener Councillor Willie Young; vice-convener Councillor Ross Thomson
   •  Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee – convener Councillor Callum McCaig; vice-convener councillor Ian Yuill
   •  NHS/Social Care Joint integration Board (from April 2015) – Councillor Lesley Dunbar, who will also be the city council's Social Care Spokesperson
   •  Pensions Committee – convener Councillor Barney Crockett
   •  Petitions Committee – convener Councillor Alan Donnelly; vice-convener Councillor Scott Carle
   •  Planning Development Management Committee – convener Councillor Ramsay Milne; vice-convener Councillor Andrew Finlayson
   •  Licensing Committee – convener Councillor Scott Carle
   •  Appeals Committee – convener Councillor Yvonne Allan
   •  Licensing Board – convener Councillor Marie Boulton
   •  Regeneration and Transport Spokesperson – Councillor Ross Grant

Councillor Laing said: "It is important that our committee structure matches the new organisational service structure, which has been designed to make the City Council more responsive to the people we serve.

"The new committee structure will deliver clear leadership and will help us drive forward our plans, policies and strategies so that we can all work together to deliver the best possible services for the people of Aberdeen."