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Budding chefs invited to contribute to recipe book with a difference


Aberdeen City Council's Waste Aware team is appealing for culinary creations which use leftovers for a new recipe book of money-saving meals.

Cooking. The Waste Team is offering a 50 Amazon voucher for the recipe judged to be the best when it comes to cooking with leftovers.

Vouchers will also be awarded to budding chefs who come up with a delicious cheap dish, a meal that uses seasonal ingredients and local produce and an innovative idea for a great packed lunch.

The winning submissions and others will be included in a recipe book which will showcase top tips for saving leftover food and eating on a budget.

Aberdeen City Council community waste worker James Martin said: "Scottish households throw out around 566,000 tonnes of waste food each year presenting nearly a third of household waste in Scotland.

"This equates to about 430 in wasted good food for average household, which is staggering. Much of this ends up in landfill sites where it breaks down to produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

"This project will not only divert waste food away from landfill, it will also make people think twice about what they are throwing away. This in turn can be used to show others what can be achieved with a few leftovers and some imagination."

Participants can enter all categories and submit more than one recipe in each. All recipes should include ingredient weights in grams, the number of portions it will provide, and an approximate cost per portion. Do not forget to provide a name, contact details and the category to enter the recipe in.

Anyone seeking inspiration for their entries can visit the Love Food Hate Waste campaign's website at where they will find hints, tips and recipes for what to create with food waste.

All entries for the recipe book must be received by Friday 01 March and sent to the Waste Aware team at