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Aberdeen leading Good Growth in Scottish cities


Aberdeen has been named a leading light in UK growth, and the fastest growing city north of the border.

The results of an independent survey show Aberdeen is growing more successfully than almost every other British city, including London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index placed Oxford top of the list of the UK's fastest-growing cities, followed by Reading and Bracknell, with Aberdeen coming third out of 36 cities.

In common with other high ranking cities in the report, Aberdeen performed well on indices such as jobs, income, health and transport (average commuting time to work) as well as the environment and providing for the future (percentage of households with long-term savings).

Aberdeen City Council leader and Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure convener Councillor Barney Crockett welcomed the report findings.

He said: "Aberdeen is seen as a very attractive place, particularly among people from outwith the area, Scotland, and the UK. As well as a healthy jobs market and healthy business growth and start-up rates, we have a lovely beach in the middle of the city. We have beautiful buildings, a great cultural offering, and an outstanding environment with award-winning parks and the countryside on our doorstep.

"Aberdeen is a good size, it's on a good scale in common with the other leading cities. It's an attractive place to live, work, learn, visit, invest and do business. There's something here for everyone and fantastic opportunities on offer.

"That doesn't mean that we can afford to rest on our laurels. Aberdeen must continue to drive forward, to look for and seize new opportunities to help secure our future as a leading light and as a city that people want to visit and to invest in. Aberdeen City Council will continue working with our partners in all sectors to do that.

"Work on schemes such as the Aberdeen Hydrogen Project is a good example of how we are working to secure the city's future at the forefront of the energy industry. The creation of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is another significant boost for the city and the North-east as a whole."