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Statement From Director Following End of Cults Academy Trial


Gayle Gorman, Director of Education and Childrens' Services, Aberdeen City Council


"This has been a devastating incident for the families affected, Cults Academy, its staff and pupils, and for all of us who watched and listened in disbelief, as we became aware of the details behind this tragedy.

"There are no words which can sum up for us, the emotional impact of what happened last year, and it it is still hard to make any sense of Bailey's death.

"We should remember that at the heart of this were two children and there can be no greater tragedy than the untimely death of a young person.

"I would like to pay tribute to head teacher Anna Muirhead and all her staff. I'd also like to thank all the pupils involved, especially those who were called to the High Court in Aberdeen last week.

"Bailey Gwynne should never have died in this way. He was a 16-year-old boy with his whole life in front of him. We will not forget him.

"The trial may have ended but for those involved, the process of moving forward now begins. We will try and do that, while all the time, remembering Bailey as one of us.