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New flood protection scheme planned for Denburn


A scheme has been designed to provide flooding protection for properties close to the Denburn.

The scheme will provide protection from fluvial flooding for a one-in-200-year event for properties in the Queen's Cross/Fountainhall, and Mackie Place/Jack's Brae areas.

There were three flooding events in the Queen's Cross/Fountainhall area in 2012. A major factor in those floods was the Denburn overflowing onto Beaconsfield Lane and Fountainhall Road, causing damage to surrounding properties. A wall of sandbags has been erected along the Denburn at Beaconsfield Lane as an interim measure, but work has been ongoing to find a permanent solution.

The water detention pond, which is planned for a flood plain area near Stronsay Drive and King's Gate, is designed to hold back large quantities of water at times of exception rainfall and preventing flooding downstream. The proposal is to use an area of the flood plain and allow it to flood for a short period to greater depth than it does presently. Normal flows of water would be allowed to pass under King's Gate, but higher flows would be restricted.

This is similar to the existing flood detention ponds at Westburn Park and on the Glashieburn at Scotstown Road.

Council officers will arrange a public meeting to explain the proposed flood protection scheme early next year. An initial report on the proposals will be taken to the Enterprise, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee in January.