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Tree planted in Duthie Park in honour of girl who guessed Spike’s spikes


A tree has been planted in Duthie Park and dedicated to a local girl who won a competition to guess how many spines are on the famous talking cactus, Spike.

(L-R) Friends of Duthie Park members Gail Gordon, Fiona Somerville and Cecilia Youngs and competition winner Katie Brodie. Katie Brodie, seven, came closest to guessing the 1,660 total and was awarded with her very own tree, one of 140 semi-mature trees being planted as part of the restoration project.

A plaque with Katie's name has been installed next to the tree.

The tree is located close to the Hygeia Monument which honours Elizabeth Duthie, the lady who originally provided funds to purchase land for Duthie Park to be built.

The competition to guess the number of spines on the cheeky Doric cactus, housed in the Winter Gardens, was organised by the Friends of Duthie Park group.

Chairman Tony Dawson said: "We were delighted to be able to offer this unique opportunity to one lucky person and I know for a fact Katie was very pleased to have a tree planted in her honour.

"It is fantastic to think Katie will be returning to this spot and showing off her tree for years to come.

"Duthie Park holds a special meaning for so many people for so many different reasons and it is great to see the younger generation showing an interest.

"This is an exciting time for the park with many a milestone planned for 2013 and beyond."