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Aberdeen's Clean Up campaign aims to help make Scotland shine


Aberdeen is doing its bit for a national environmental campaign working to make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe.

Steven Shaw, Aberdeen City Council Environmental manager with Lorna Graham, Community clean up co-ordinator out cleaning up the line. Clean Up Scotland, led by the independent charity Keep Scotland Beautiful, aims to unite one million people across the country in the fight against litter and mess.

It will see local authorities, community groups, businesses and individuals join forces in an effort to make Scotland shine.

Aberdeen City Council led by example in launching its Clean Up Scotland campaign today [Friday 07 February] when its environmental services team took up litter picking tongs and black bags to give the old Deeside railway a thorough tidy up.

Aberdeen City Council environmental manager Steven Shaw said: "Our public spaces are for everyone to enjoy and everyone has a responsibility to clean up after themselves.

"Leaving litter lying around not only has an environmental impact, it also has a detrimental effect on other people's enjoyment of these areas.

"Clean Up Scotland provides a fantastic opportunity for everyone to help in our fight against litter and mess and I would urge neighbourhoods, communities, businesses and individuals to pledge their support to the campaign."

Aberdeen City Council Housing and Environment Convener, Councillor Neil Cooney added: "Littering is a blight on any town or city and a major eyesore for the public. With so many bins available in Aberdeen there really is no excuse for it here.

"If every resident picked up and disposed of just one item of litter a day we would see a vast improvement in the cleanliness and appearance of our streets and open spaces.

"While the Council's street cleansing teams work tirelessly to keep the streets free from litter, there is only so much they can do. What we need is for everyone to chip in and do their bit and the Clean Up Scotland campaign is the perfect vehicle to make that happen."

Keep Scotland Beautiful Chief Executive Derek Robertson said: "Clean Up Scotland is all about people deciding to do something about the litter, dog dirt and other mess that blights our neighbourhoods and landscape.

"If each and every one of us accepted the pledge to Clean Up Scotland; to not drop litter; to pick up after our dogs; and to pick up and bin or recycle a piece of litter a day, we could make an impact on our quality of life.

"It is up to us all to make a small difference and together we can make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe."

Individuals and groups are encouraged to take the Clean Up Scotland pledge online or by texting 'pledge' to 88802.

In doing so, they vow to help free their community of litter and graffiti, report incidents of flytipping and responsibly dispose of litter and mess in their area.

Aberdeen City Council is on hand to offer support and advice to anyone planning a community clean up.

Environmental services can lend litter picking tongs, high visibility clothing, gloves and black bags and will uplift the collected rubbish. For advice on arranging a litter pick or to request equipment call 01224 219281.