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Aberdeen City Council by-election results


Two new members have today been elected to Aberdeen City Council.

Neil Copland (SNP) was elected in the Hilton/Woodside/Stockethill ward, while Stephen Flynn (SNP) will take up a seat in the Kincorth/Nigg/Cove ward.

The results were announced by Returning Officer Angela Scott after votes were counted electronically at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen this morning (Friday).

Mr Copland was returned at the first stage of counting with 1,690 votes, while Stephen Flynn also won at the first stage of counting with 1,939 votes.

Turnout in the Hilton, Woodside and Stockethill ward was 3,099 (25.72%) with a total electorate of 12,050, while in Kincorth, Nigg and Cove, it was 3,205 from 12,693 (25.25%).There were 59 spoilt ballot papers.

The by-elections were held under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

Results (On first preference votes): Hilton/Woodside/Stockethill

Roy Begg (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 350 votes

Neil Copland (Scottish National Party) 1,690 votes

Peter Kennedy (Scottish Green Party) 130 votes

Charlie Pirie (Scottish Labour Party) 771 votes

Jonathan Waddell (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 125 votes


Donna Clark (Scottish Labour Party) 606 votes

Stephen Flynn (Scottish National Party) 1,939 votes

Ken McLeod (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 207 votes

Philip Sellar (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 313 votes

Dan Yeats (Scottish Green Party) 114 votes