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Aberdeenís Lord Provost joins pupils for asthma awareness class


The Lord Provost of Aberdeen George Adam joined pupils and staff at an asthma awareness lesson at Gilcomstoun School.

The information session was organised by Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAF), as part of its in-school asthma initiative - a programme which aims to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of school children with asthma.

Garry Hunter, a trustee of AAF and training and development manager – Europe, Russia and Caspian with NALCO Champion, gave the presentation on what asthma is, triggers, causes, symptoms of an asthma attack, preventive measures and how pupils and school staff can help if someone has such an attack.

Pupils were shown how to use a peak flow meter which is used to measure how well air moves out of a person's lungs and is used by some people with asthma. Volunteer doctor Kunle Adeyemi, GP Registrar, Danestone Medical Practice, answered questions from the eager-to-learn audience.

Following the demonstration the Lord Provost, on behalf of the charity, handed out peak flow meters, peak flow diaries and inhaler technique cards to pupils with asthma.

The Lord Provost said: "This initiative ensures information and advice about asthma is readily available in schools which will educate and raise awareness of the condition. This in turn will help those with asthma to manage their condition and give pupils and teaching staff a better understanding of asthma and how best they can support those with asthma."

Ann Fergague, co-ordinator, In-School Asthma Initiative, Asthma and Allergy Foundation, said: "We believe asthma education sessions in schools will help children with asthma to manage their symptoms better, reduce absenteeism and improve learning. The sessions will also help increase awareness of asthma and through this enable schools to respond appropriately to asthma emergencies."

Asthma and Allergy Foundation also provided an asthma First Aid poster, heath information leaflets on asthma, asthma first aid cards and inhaler technique cards to the school.