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Trial measures to improve city centre traffic to be permanently adopted


A temporary ban on vehicles travelling from Virginia Street/Trinity Quay onto Guild Street to improve traffic flow in the busy area is to be made permanent.

The ban was introduced in November in an attempt to improve the capacity and operational efficiency of the traffic signal-controlled Market Street and Guild Street junction.

Members of the Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure Committee today agreed to make the ban permanent, after hearing that it had reduced congestion and delays in the city centre.
Queuing on Guild Street and Market Street had been significantly reduced, and traffic flow on Market Street had improved. The committee heard that congestion levels on Market Street, between Union Street and Guild Street had also been reduced, and drivers wishing to turn right from Union Street onto Market Street had also experienced a reduction in waiting times.

Tailbacks from Virginia Street onto King Street and the Beach Boulevard had not occurred with the same frequency since the trial was introduced.

Bus operator Stagecoach reported that it was much easier to get onto the network from its depot and to turn right from Guild Street onto Market Street.

Westbound traffic from Trinity Quay can no longer travel onto Guild Street, but must instead turn left onto Market Street.

An alternative route for westbound vehicles is available via Market Street, North Esplanade West, Queen Elizabeth Bridge roundabout, South College Street and College Street.