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New methods used to test integrity of city lamp posts


A series of high-tech safety inspections is being carried out on lamp posts across Aberdeen.

The city council carries out regular street lighting inspections, but will now be using electronic tests which check the metal thickness of the lighting columns and reveal the level of corrosion which may affect them. In the past, inspectors have used visual and physical means to test the columns.

A number of the city's street lamps are reaching the end of their 30 year life period and it is anticipated that the new, more comprehensive tests, will highlight that a significant number will require replacement.

Any lighting columns which do not meet the required standards will be removed as soon as practical after testing. This will mean that some streets will be temporarily left with a reduced lighting supply until the columns can be replaced. For this reason, the work is being carried out during the summer months when the nights are shorter and lighter. Where possible, brighter, more energy efficient lamps will be used as replacements.

In streets where a significant number of columns are identified for removal, temporary lighting supplies will be put in place until permanent replacements are installed.

Inspectors have so far tested 1,600 columns which are vulnerable to corrosion and they continue working in areas across the city. Replacement work has already begun.

A report on the work will be presented to the next meeting of the Enterprise, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee.