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Gateways to the River Don


Three new access gateways to the River Don Corridor are to be created, mixing art with landscape architecture, as part of a new project to further improve access to and perceptions of the area.

Aberdeen City Council has appointed land artist Jim Buchanan and landscape architect Duncan McLean of Land Use Consultants to work with the community to help design the gateways, reflecting the character and culture of the area.

While helping to improve access and amenity of the River Don Corridor, the new access gateways will also help to raise the profile and quality of the area as a destination for recreation, sport and education.

Jim is consulting with individuals and groups who have an interest in the river and its immediate environment to develop a proposed logo and slogan for the River Don Corridor, and initial design concepts for the gateways. He will also work with groups to deliver three public events celebrating aspects of land, water, and the river's journey from source to sea.

The final gateway designs will be developed using Duncan's technical expertise.

The River Don Gateways project is a legacy from the recently-completed EU-funded Sustainable Urban Fringes (SURF) Project, which aimed to develop better planning and management of the River Don Corridor, and included a long-term planning framework for the area. Objectives of the framework included improving access and perceptions of the Corridor and including communities in the processes. The Gateways project aims to help deliver on these objectives.

Both projects were initiated and led by Aberdeen City Council, with input from a variety of stakeholders.

Jim is an artist with more than 20 years experience in public art projects, bringing a commitment to engaging local people in celebrating and shaping improvements to special places. He is looking forward to exploring the River Don Corridor and would be delighted to hear from potential guides – particularly if it involves walking, running, bike riding, hearing local stories, kayaking, fishing or photography.

You can get in touch with Jim by emailing