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New residential development plans backed by councillors


Plans to build 550 new houses and a replacement primary school in an Aberdeen suburb have been supported by Aberdeen City Council's Planning Committee.

Members agreed that planning permission in principle should be granted for the proposed scheme at Oldfold Farm, Milltimber.

The proposal is for 550 homes, including 25% affordable housing, commercial area, a replacement primary school and infrastructure improvements. Twenty development blocks, comprising a variety of house types, are planned for the main part of the site. Nine large detached properties are planned for a separate development block north of Murtle Den Road.

A mixed use local centre which will provide support services for the expanded Milltimber community, featuring up to 1,000 square metres of commercial floor space in a mix of unit sizes which could be occupied by shops, cafes, nursery, crèche, small offices and community uses. A new primary school to replace the existing Milltimber School is to be built adjacent to the local centre.

Six areas, each with their own distinct character are planned:
•  Binghill, which will provide the interface with Milltimber;
•  North Deeside Road, which will act as the gateway to the development from the A93;
•  Den of Murtle in the north, which will integrate the development into the countryside and surrounding woodland;
•  Murtle Park, which will address the eastern boundary with the existing Murtle Den and provide a woodland buffer;
•  Murtle Den, which will be distinct from the wider development and feature detached housing in a woodland setting.

Planning convener Councillor Ramsay Milne said: "This development will make a significant contribution to meeting the city's housing needs and I hope that the developer will be bringing forward the detailed applications so that the scheduled build can keep pace with the target in the Aberdeen Local Development Plan."

It is anticipated that 25 homes will be built in 2015, and 50 per year thereafter.