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Investing Women launch Catalyst for growth


The UK's first programme for growth-aspiring female entrepreneurs and angel investors will be announced at the Aberdeen launch of the Investing Women network next month.

Investing Women, Scotland's first women-focused network designed to encourage more female angel investors and entrepreneurs, will announce its Catalyst Programme during the launch of its Aberdeen network in the Town House on 06 March. Lord Provost of Aberdeen George Adam and Aberdeen City Council chief executive Valerie Watts will host a civic reception to mark the occasion.

The Catalyst programme will bring potential new women angels and growth-orientated women entrepreneurs together to learn, increase knowledge of angel investing and stimulate growth.

Investing Women's chief executive Jackie Waring believes the groundbreaking organisation and Catalyst programme will not only address a major gap in the market but also make a crucial contribution to stimulating growth in Scotland's young innovative companies.

"Investing Women members will generate significant new seed and early stage investment where it's most needed. There is no shortage of innovators and entrepreneurs in Scotland. In Aberdeen we know there are many talented professionals and businesswomen with the capacity to become angel investors; and a buoyant economy with great growth opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs.

"We want to help accelerate the growth of more of them to realise their market potential. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase the funds available for investment in Scottish innovation and Investing Women will help more women get into this arena. We are also tremendously excited to be running the very first UK Catalyst programme in Aberdeen, where we believe there is great potential."

The Lord Provost said: "The Lord Provost said: "Aberdeen is well known for its entrepreneurial success and for people who will very often offer a helping hand to those who are prepared to work to help themselves. I am confident that Investing Women will do very well here and I look forward to seeing some of the successes borne of it."

Ms Waring has modelled the Investing Women organisation on the successful USA angel practice to speed up the growth of female participation in the Scottish angel community. Although women hold 46% of the UK's top wealth, only 2% of Scottish angels are women. In the USA, 22% of angel investors are female and there is mounting evidence that this is stimulating more growth amongst women-led companies. The Catalyst Programme has also been based on US models where bringing women angels and entrepreneurs together to learn has boosted female participation in investment; both as investors and women entrepreneurs accessing equity for growth.

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