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Residents consulted on parking issues near Hill of Rubislaw


An informal consultation on the possible introduction of a controlled parking zone near Hill of Rubislaw was launched today [16 June].

Aberdeen City Council is seeking the views of residents and businesses in the area as part of an ongoing effort to minimise the impact of commuter parking on the neighbouring community.

The council has written to approximately 1,200 residents and businesses in the area to gather their views on parking issues in the area.

The informal consultation follows discussions with council officers, elected members, and representatives of the companies based at the Hill of Rubislaw about commuter parking generated by the business complex.

Over a number of years, Aberdeen City Council has received numerous reports from residents about difficulties associated with the levels of on-street commuter parking in the area. Surveys and monitoring have identified that the volume of parking has increased during this time, as has the number of streets affected.

Initiatives already in place to tackle the problem include the promotion of the use of sustainable transport methods by the companies, and measures implemented by the council, including parking restrictions to prevent dangerous and obstructive parking.

Controlled parking zones are designed to: maintain safety and access; assist with traffic management and support sustainable transport initiatives; and protect the environment and residential amenity.

Measures designed to maintain safety and access include the installation of single and double yellow lines.

Measures designed to assist with traffic management and support sustainable transport initiatives include the provision of on-street parking bays which restrict where and when vehicles can be parked. These restrictions are timed to correspond with peak parking and travel demands.

The results of the informal consultation, which closes on 14 July, will be reported to a future meeting of the Enterprise, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee.