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Cutting the first turf to restore East Tullos Burn


The first step in an exciting new development for the East Tullos Burn took place this morning when the first turf was cut to launch a restoration project.

Starting the work on the Tullos site are,Hamish Moir of cbec eco engineering UK Ltd Councillor Neil Cooney, Peter Barlow of Salix & David Hainsworth, Safety, health and environment director from TOTAL E&P UK Limited- Photo :TOTAL E&P UK Limited. The East Tullos Burn, in St Fitticks Park in Torry, is undergoing restoration to improve the appearance of the park, enhance biodiversity and reduce pollution in the burn.

The 300,000 project is being funded by Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's Water Environment Fund, Total E&P UK Limited, Aberdeen Forward, Aberdeen Greenspace Trust and the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership.

The Council commissioned a scoping study to investigate potential restoration options for the burn in 2012. The preferred design option from the scoping study included the reintroduction of meanders and backwaters to the channel as well as replanting of the site with native wetland plants. Paths around the site also needed to be upgraded to ensure they can still be used even in high water conditions.

The design was developed by two local firms, cbec eco engineering and Walking-the-Talk. They have been joined by Salix, a specialist environmental contractor which works on the restoration of watercourses throughout the UK, including the new 2012 Olympic Parkland Wetlands in London.

Councillor Cooney said: "I am delighted to take this first step in a long journey to improve the burn and the surrounding parkland. When the work is completed the site will link with the adjacent tree planting which is part of the Granite City Forest, creating a wildlife haven where people can walk, play, or just relax.

"This project is making an important contribution to improving the environment and making this area a better place to live and work."

The work will involve creating a new meandering course for the burn, developing additional ponds and wetland areas, improving paths, and replanting the site with a mix of wetland plants, flowers and trees. It is anticipated that the excavation work will take about four weeks. The replanting and path development work will then be carried out, with the site completed by early summer, weather permitting.

Paths around the site will be upgraded to ensure they can still be used even in high water conditions.

Sandra McIntosh from Total E&P UK said, "Total is really pleased to be supporting this project. The work to restore the burn will make it a much nicer place to visit, as well as enhancing the area for local wildlife."

Pete Barlow from Salix added: "We are pleased to be making a start on the ground, and we will make sure there is minimal disruption to the park during the project. However, parts of the site will need to be fenced off to keep the public safe while there is large machinery moving around."

For more information about the project and to see the full design plan visit or contact Anne-Marie Gauld on 01224 522768.