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Urban clearway plan for Dyce Drive


Dyce Drive could be turned into an urban clearway under proposals being brought forward to prevent irresponsible motorists causing serious traffic problems by parking on the busy road.

For a number of years the Dyce area, and the Kirkhill Industrial Estate in particular, has suffered from parking problems caused by offshore workers who leave their cars - sometimes badly parked - unattended for weeks at a time.

In recent weeks a problem has arisen on Dyce Drive, where inappropriate and inconsiderate parking is causing significant problems, particularly during peak times. These irresponsible motorists are causing congestion and delays on a main distributor road, which is extremely busy with heavy goods vehicles which are having difficulty manoeuvring around them.

To tackle the problem, roads officers propose to turn Dyce Drive into an urban clearway, preventing vehicles (with the exception of buses using bus stops) from stopping for any reason, except in emergencies. City wardens and Police Scotland will be able to enforce the restriction.

In the meantime, a temporary traffic order banning parking on a two kilometre stretch of the road, between Argyll Place and Howe Moss Avenue, has been put in place. Double yellow lines will be painted onto that section of the road once weather and road conditions are suitable. Officers will then proceed with plans to make the temporary order permanent and for an urban clearway to cover the entire length of Dyce Drive.