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Report encourages school to continue to make improvements


An inspection by Education Scotland has identified a number of key strengths and areas for improvement at Braehead School and nursery class in Aberdeen.

During their visit in November 2013, inspectors spoke to parents and children and worked closely with the headteacher and school staff. Inspectors were particularly interested in the school's recent work including support for pupils and the opportunities for wider achievement.

Inspectors found the following key strengths:

  • polite, well behaved children who are proud of their school;
  • the quality of the children's achievement and experiences in the nursery and from P1 to P3;
  • the promising start made by the senior leadership team in improving aspects of the school's work.

Inspectors discussed with senior school staff and quality improvement officers from Aberdeen City Council how they could continue to improve the school and nursery class. It was agreed that staff should:

  • develop a clear plan for the curriculum to ensure the required improvements are made;
  • improve teachers' skills in providing consistently high-quality learning experiences across the school;
  • improve arrangements for identifying and meeting the learning needs of all children;
  • raise standards of attainment.

As a result of the visit the school will receive additional support and more time to make the necessary improvements.

An Area Lead Officer will work with Aberdeen City Council to build capacity for improvement and will maintain contact to monitor progress.

Aberdeen City Council's Director of Education, Culture and Sport Gayle Gorman said: "I am pleased that the inspection team has recognised the high quality of the learning experiences for the children in the nursery class and P1-P3 classes and the pride the children have in their school.

"The recently appointed headteacher and depute headteacher are working with officers to develop action plans to bring about the required improvements.

"Officers will continue to monitor the school's progress regularly so that the quality of learning and teaching, attainment and achievement are of a consistently high standard for all children throughout the school."