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Recent Projects


A play was created and performed at the University of Aberdeen's May Festival by Immpact to raise awareness of maternal healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa as part of a project with partners in Bulawayo


Pupils from Seaton Primary School were given the opportunity to participate in a new project for local young people in 2015 called Mini-Regensburg. Mini-Regensburg is a model town which is managed entirely by young people. Pupils from Seaton Primary acted as a British Embassy, meeting with peers from Germany, France, Czech Republic and Ukraine and explaining what life was like in Aberdeen. They participated in city life, working to earn "money" and voting in city elections. The teacher who organised the trip called it the "greatest experience of inter-disciplinary learning [I] have ever seen". An allocation was awarded from the Twinning Grant to invite the organisers from Mini-Regensburg to Aberdeen in February to present the project at the Aberdeen Learning Festival alongside teachers from Seaton Primary School. It is intended that this will inspire local teachers to develop links with schools in twin cities and create classroom activities which will enable generations of young people to become Global Citizens – a key component of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Cultural Connections

In November, the Twinning and International Partnerships Officer organised a cultural forum in the city for partners from Clermont-Ferrand and Regensburg. Funding was obtained to support this in 2014 from the EU's Europe for Citizens Fund. The aim of this conference was to bring together key cultural players from the twin cities to share ideas, experiences and develop future collaborative projects. Participants included representatives from Court Metrage (Clermont-Ferrand's celebrated short film festival), Regensburg's short film festival, Clermont-Ferrand museums and galleries and jazz festivals. Local participants included the directors of sound and Aberdeen International Youth Festival as well as respresentatives from Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen Performing Arts and Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums. Visiting delegates also visited key city cultural venues, including Aberdeen Arts Centre, His Majesty's Theatre, University of Aberdeen and the Lemon Tree. This project generated in-depth discussions and created a cultural network between all three cities. Several discussions are currently taking place about future projects, including: The establishment of a folk academy in each of the three cities for primary school pupils to develop traditional music skills which will culminate in a joint event in one/all of the cities; the creation of a professional artist network with artist-in-residences hosted in each of the three cities; and the development of a short film festival in Aberdeen which utilises the economic and cultural success and experience of counterparts in Regensburg and Clermont-Ferrand.

Aberdeen-Stavanger 25th Twinning Anniversary

The 25th anniversary of the Aberdeen and Stavanger's twin city partnership was celebrated in November 2015. Stavanger annually gifts the city of Aberdeen with a Christmas Tree and a free public event was organised by the City Events Team to mark this which was attended by approximately 500 people. As well as attending this event, the Lord Provost and Deputy Mayor of Stavanger attended Scottish-Norwegian Business Seminars throughout the day, facilitated by the International Trade Team, before attending a ceilidh hosted by the Lord Provost for Norwegian nationals living in Aberdeen that evening.

Celebrating twin city partnerships through civic events demonstrates the city's commitment to developing international relations. A number of these programmes incorporated many elements which develops economic, social and cultural ties.


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