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Our Investment

Twinning_Write Aberdeen Civic Launch  

A two year writing project between citizens of Aberdeen and Regensburg culminated in the publication of works by local writers

Investment in the Youth of Aberdeen

Twin city educational exchanges between young people build on 'Global Citizenship', which is a part of the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. The essence of Global Citizenship is for young people to realise their role and Aberdeen/Scotland's role within the world. It also to encourages young people to learn another foreign language and increases awareness of different cultures, way of life and work. Overall this places Aberdeen's young place at an advantage bybeing more employable after their studies, broadening their horizons and encouraging more creative thinking. For the teachers who accompany the young people on the twin city exchange visit, it also allows them continued professional development and to learn new ways to incorporate international learning into their classes.

Exchange of knowledge and best practice

Twin city exchanges are an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and improve knowledge and challenge our way of thinking. They also offer Continued Professional Development to professionals involved in the projects, and help develop the services and knowledge provided to Aberdeen communities and international visitors alike. To maintain Aberdeen's position as a top global energy city, it is important to keep pace and learn from others to retain our position as a leader and destination to learn from.

Promotion of Aberdeen as a tourist destination and Visit Aberdeen

During twin city and international delegation visits to Aberdeen we strive to ensure groups have an enjoyable and productive stay in the city. By so doing the visitors themselves go back home, tell people of Aberdeen and their wonderful stay and become Ambassadors for Aberdeen. In turn this promotes the profile of the city and encourages tourism to the area. Many delegations and twin city visitors stay on in Aberdeen longer in the City than their project requires - thus creating economic generation within the city and region.

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