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Funding Criteria

In order to be eligible to apply for funding for a twin city project from the International Twinning Budget you must be able to demonstrate and follow the criteria which are stated below. Applications must also accept the terms and conditions of the International Twinning Budget.


  • Applicants must be resident of Aberdeen City or event must take place in Aberdeen City
  • The International Twinning Grant supports partnership working with twin cities
  • Tourism visits are not eligible for funding
  • The International Twinning Grant provides 50% match funding towards total project costs 
  • A minimum of 25% project costs must be sourced external to Aberdeen City Council  
  • Applicants are expected to contribute towards the cost of the event or activity through fund-raising or sponsorship
  • Views of the host Council, including financial contribution, will be taken into account
  • Funding may be awarded towards the cost of hosting twin city events or activities in Aberdeen, as considered appropriate

Terms & Conditions

  • Applicants must acknowledge contribution made by Aberdeen City Council
  • Applicants must agree to abide by Aberdeen City Council equalities policies and complete and submit equal opportunities monitoring form
  • A Final Report by the group or individual undertaking the twin city project must be submitted to Aberdeen City Council within one month of completion of the event or activity
  • The International Twinning Grant will support projects for a maximum of three times
  • All monies from the International Twinning Budget are to be spent as per Aberdeen City Council's Travel Policy, details of which are listed on the funding agreement 
  • The Twinning Grant cannot support activities which include contribution towards existing staff or capital costs

Sources of External Funding