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Twinning Aberdeen supports the Shaping Aberdeen vision through collaboration with internal and external partners from throughout the city

Learning in the Classroom

Twinning supports the work of the Education & Children's Service to increase awareness of international cultures and languages and foster new and existing international links. This work is vital to the element of 'Global Citizenship' which is intrinsic to the Curriculum for Excellence. Enabling local school pupils to participate in twin city peer exchanges encourages modern language development, increases global awareness and understanding of other cultures. These benefits combine to produce young people who are more employable within Aberdeen and Scotland which develops a young workforce equipped with the skills to work in a global arena and contributes to local young people achieving a positive post-school destination.

Scotland and Aberdeen City are seen by the international community as leaders within teaching and the education system. Professional exchanges with international colleagues allow education and development staff to develop skills, including languages and international development, which supports Continued Professional Development work plans. This demonstrates Aberdeen City Council's commitment to developing the city's workforce.

Enhancing Local Community Partnerships

The Twinning Programme has enhanced several community partnership projects through the creation of international partnerships. Twinning provides local citizens with the opportunity to travel internationally and share knowledge with comparable organisations in twin cities, which ensures that the benefits of 'Global Citizenship' are not restricted to the classroom. Sports clubs, youth groups and charitable organisations from various areas within the city have accessed the International Twinning Grant to support the development of projects with comparable organisations in other countries. Participating in such programmes develops transferable skills which enhances education and employment portfolios and increases community engagement. Engagement with local communities ensures that the experiences and skills which participating in such programmes provides is available to all citizens throughout the city.

Diversifying Cultural & City Events

Twinning provides local festivals and event organisers with the opportunity to diversify their programme by including an international element to local events. Musicians, artists and dancers from Aberdeen's twin cities have participated at a number of city festivals including sound and Aberdeen Jazz Festival. Performers also regularly attend key events within the city's Summer and Winter Festival Programmes, including Celebrate Aberdeen and the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - a gift from the twin city of Stavanger. The Twinning Programme also provides local artists and musicians with a platform to gain international exposure by supporting performances at a number of events in these cities. Twinning acts as a vehicle for diversifying and promoting cultural events in the city which supports Aberdeen's Regional Economic Strategy plans of enhancing the city as a leisure tourism destination.


Teachers and pupils from St Olav School in Stavanger travelled to Aberdeen to participate in TechFest and developed a STEM-based partnership with Bucksburn Academy in September 2015

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