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Community and Fringe Events

'The River'

Using the Renewable Energy project as a background, Quids In Theatre Company working with the Donside Community Hydro project will work with local schools and the local community to stage a promenade theatre production on the site which will be a fusion of live action, projection, dance, mime and theatre using the natural resources of the area as a backdrop telling the story of the River Don from the middle ages to the present day.

  • Mon 26 & Tues 27 June, 6.30pm & 7.30pm

Wee Tales' 10ft Tall Theatre will present a special workshop of "Wee Tales" 

A 40 minute storytelling session for children ages 4+. Each story selected for this workshop will explore themes on history and heritage. The free workshop will take place at:

  • The Coffee House, 1 Gaelic Street, Aberdeen.
    Sat 1 July, 11am - 11.40am & 12.30pm - 1.10pm

My Favourite Building in Aberdeen is…?

Doors Open Day are working with a mix of different schools across the city; pupils are invited to submit a creative response (such as a photographs, drawing, poetry or a painting) based on their favourite building along with a short explanation of what the building is and why it means so much to them. This will form the basis of a small scale exhibition during Silver City Stories and Doors Open Day.

  • Time and venue to be confirmed

Transported Beyond the Seas

Join our History Cafe and discover the hidden Silver City Stories of local women, sometimes accompanied by their young children, sentenced at the Aberdeen High Court to be 'transported beyond seas', mainly for petty thefts. This fun and informal event offers the opportunity to get up close to the rich historical records of the time.

  • Maritime Museum, Fri 30 June, 1pm - 5pm
    Places are limited, book on or 07933438812
    This event is free and everyone welcome, both men and women.
    Light lunch and refreshments will be available.


The Silver City Story continues...

'The Welcoming' is a three-phase project undertaken by Angela Main and Peter McRae (Da Dee At Festival) linking up with the local community, culminating in a performance art work at the anti-tank blocks at Balgownie Beach: a work which would aim to transform or subvert the original, overt defensive purpose and nature of the site, to be a contemporary reflection on its historical installation and usage.

  • Fri 29 - Sat 30 SeptTime/venue to be confirmed