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Nationally Recognised Associations 

The Events Team recognise and are members of a number of associations. Below are just some of the accredited associations.


The PIPA scheme is a nationally recognised system for ensuring that bouncy castles, inflatable slides and similar devices are safe for children to play on. The City Events team only recognise and use PIPA accredited inflatable equipment.


The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) is the UK's leading outdoor events trade association. The City events team received the NOEA 2013 Scotland tribute award, which recognises events which have achieved the highest level of excellence or have made a major contribution to the professionalism of the industry in Scotland.


The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) is a trade association for the catering industry. Nationally recognised trade association for mobile catering, outside catering, event and street food catering.


MUTA is the trade association for the UK temporary structures and technical textiles industries, representing suppliers and manufacturers of textile products used in sectors as diverse as marquees, healthcare, aerospace and bouncy castles. The Association runs the health and safety accreditation schemes MUTA marquee, for hirers of marquees and temporary structures, and PIPA, for inflatable play equipment.