Last updated: 16/03/2017

ACC Educational Visits Policy and Downloads

The following links will take you to the new policy, associated forms and downloads.


Read the current Educational Visits Policy below:

  Educational Visits Policy




Visit Plan (routine and expected)          

Form V1 

V1 form example 

Visit Plan (day visit)                          

Form V2 

V2 form example

Visit Plan (residential including abroad)

Form V3

V3 form example 

Consent Form                           

Form V4   

V4 form annual block example

V4 form series of activities example

Authorisation of foreign travel

Form V5


Base contact information

Form V6


Registration to lead adventurous activities

Form V7


ACC terms and conditions

Form V8


Approved Providers of Adventurous Activities

Service Schedule


Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Blank Form

R and E Risk Assessment Template

Day Visits Risk Assessment Template

Residential Visits Risk Assessment Template







 Letter Templates

Annual Consent Template Letter Primary 


Annual Consent Template Letter Secondary


R and E Template Letter


Day Visit Letter Template


Day Visit Template Letter with tear off slip


Residential Template Letter



 The following link will take you to the Aberdeen City Council Register of Approved Providers of Adventurous Activities. Teachers and Youth Workers who wish to undertake adventurous activities with a company not contained within the register must first contact the Educational Visits Co-ordinator on 01224 270990 in order to arrange for a contract to be put in place. This can  take some considerable time, so please give as much advance notice as possible.

Register of Approved Providers of Adventurous Activities