Last updated: 07/03/2016


Would your group benefit from getting out of the city, enjoying nature and discover something new about themselves?

  • Add structure, meaning and motivation to the rehabilitation process
  • Integrate other members of the community to encourage greater understanding and community support for drug users, rehabilitating individuals and people 'at risk' of pursuing negative lifestyles and drug abuse.
  • Inclusion in fun and meaningful physical exercise in beautiful surroundings.
  • Exposure to a positive, well supported and encouraging social environment far away from potential familiar negative influences.
  • Build confidence and self worth through appropriate goal setting and achieving.

We continue to work with many drug rehabilitation projects across the city and are sympathetic to health issues and drug prescriptions that effect physical and cognitive performance. Our activities are adapted very carefully to specific group needs.

Open their eyes to another way of life, they will be surprised at what they can do with a little effort and perseverance!