Last updated: 07/03/2016

Life Skills

Is your group or student missing out on vital life experiences?

Do you need something to get your group motivated? Get them engaged in one of our activity programmes and show them what they are capable of and boost their confidence!

For years we have worked in partnership with, to name a few; Council social services, Youth Justice teams, Prince's Trust, Foyer, Momentum, Inspire and Barnardos as a key part of there projects to support and develop young people, realise their potential and set them up with the life skills required to pursue a positive destination.

All of our tutors have extensive experience with working with vulnerable or 'at risk' people and always offer an encouraging and supportive approach that is individualised to each member of the group. Each activity is very specifically adapted in its level of challenge, desired outcomes and location to suit the participants to offer optimum progress.

To realise there full potential we structure our activities in a way that allows learners to:

  • Briefing: Build realistic expectations of what the experience will be like and understand what is expected from them in terms of their responsibilities.
  • Activity: Enjoy! A dynamic learning environment with constant uplifting support and encouragement from positive and friendly staff.
  • Reflection: Often the most vital part of the process! A chance to internalise experiences, understand significance of their actions and reward themselves. Most importantly a chance to imagine where else they can embed these new found skills and confidence into all aspect of lives.

Give them a taste of what's out there with one of our Team Building activities. Progress onto something a bit more challenging activities like Canoeing down the River Dee or Rock Climbing down at the sea cliffs. For the grand finale open there eyes to the thrills of .