Last updated: 07/03/2016

Health and Wellbeing

'Physical activity in the natural environment not only aids an increased life-span, greater well-being, fewer symptoms of depression, lower rates of smoking and substance misuse but also an increased ability to function better at work and home'
(OPENspace Research Centre, Edinburgh College of Art, 2006)

We believe the positive physical and mental impacts of outdoor activities are:

  • Build confidence and self worth through appropriate goal setting and achieving.
  • Add structure, meaning and motivation to an exercise programme or rehabilitation process
  • Learn skills and get the confidence to access natural environments independently
  • Inclusion in fun and meaningful physical activity in beautiful surroundings.
  • Exercise that has an objective and is enjoyable as opposed to exercise just to get healthier or lose weight.

We are proud to support NHS, Momentum, Clan, Phoenix Project, Blue Horizon with a wide range with activities and programmes.